Skilled Nursing Services

  • Wound Care: You could be lucky to have a Doctor who understands your needs, but what happens when they are not there? We can help, just let us know if you need simple or complex wound care.
  • Medication Management: We’re here to help your family coordinate the medications you need and manage the side effects that come with taking them. It’s easy to get started. Just schedule a call with a care manager for guidance on how to get the process started. We will also remind you when to take medicines, and warn you when something doesn’t seem right.
  • Chronic Care Management: Heart failure, chronic lung disease, and diabetes are diagnosable illnesses that require prompt treatment. At Senior Care 24×7, we have professionals that can provide assistance in your home to minimize symptoms and improve the quality of your life.
  • Lab Draws: For persons needing assistance with a simple lab draw, or those who require 24-hour care in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes, Senior Care Experts are available 24 hours a day.
  • Nurse Delegation: We help people with feeding tubes. Our Care Managers can also help our caregivers to do tasks like giving pills, eye drops or a suppository. We also offer diabetes care services.
  • Transition Care: For some people, trying to recover at home is full of problems. The additional stress of regaining independence can make it difficult to heal from illness or injury. Senior Care 24X7 can help you transition from the hospital to home safely and with less chance for a re-admittance into the hospital.
  • Measure after Covid Recovery: Our Care Buddies make sure that you’re continuing to practise safe behaviours after Covid recovery. They’re here to readdress your ongoing medications so you can be at the top of your health game. The oxygen levels and temperature will be monitored rigorously so that you’ll be in the best environment possible.

Our health care team is always watching out for everything from common side effects like red urine and blood in stools to severe complications like low blood sugar or organ damage due to steroids.

  • Care after Surgeries: The recovery period after surgery is always difficult. You will be tired, sore, or fatigued and may require rest for days after a procedure. You will need to follow a specific care routine to optimise your recovery time and ensure you return to your previous healthy self in the shortest amount of time possible. Senior Care 24×7 will help you with that. A Care Buddy provides help to the patients who need it after surgery. Our trained Care Buddies help patients after surgery by following doctor’s orders, making sure they are comfortable, and completing their administrative duties.
  • Terminally ill Patients: As one of the pioneers in the professional medical staffing industry, Senior Care 24×7 provides the highest quality of care for elderly people. We provide a wide range of caring and personalized support for seniors, including recommendations on therapy and skilled nursing, wound and infection care, physical therapy and other therapeutic services, evaluation of fall risk, and more.
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